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Natural. Luxurious.



Doctor Formulated, Nature Made

Organic Oils, Real Flowers, Amazing Scents

Luxurious, effective natural skin care, using only premium organic and wildcrafted oils, paired with beautiful and beneficial botanicals

Okay, so I have a history of battling with acne breakouts and from past experiences, oil has never been my face’s best friend. However, this stuff RIGHT HERE is different! Not only has it been helping to ward off the breakouts, but it soaks in the skin so nicely without leaving me looking ridiculously shiny. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff and the smell is absolutely amazing!!

Raquel E.

I have facial hair and bumps from PCOS. Been using the serum twice a day for a week and all my bumps are gone! Can’t wait to post a before and after in a month, but it looks my my dark spots are already starting to fade :) PS: it looks and smells great!

Carmen L.

I bought the clear face serum, and in less than 24 hrs it has started working on a pimple that has been only getting worse. It is no longer red, no longer tender to touch, and the swelling has gone. I am sure it has some anti inflammatory properties in this oil. Good product!!! Thank you FLE SOLEY

Pam C.