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Flé Soléy

[Fleh SO-lay]
“Sun Flower” in Haitian Kreyol


Using botanicals that you can see, Flé Soléy is an all-natural, luxury self and skin care, beauty line that specializes in cultivating only the richest oil blends to nourish your skin and help you love yourself so that you shine naturally.


We will provide only the most natural products, crafted using the most natural ingredients under the sun from around the world.


We are a budding, Haitian, sister owned and operated business, but we have every intent of becoming the next big thing in beauty, taking the skin care world by storm! All our product names are in our native Kreyol language to add our own personal and unique Haitian twist. We want to change the narrative of historical stereotypes by showing the world how products with ingredients from Haiti, made by Haitian hands, can be high quality and as rich and grand as our culture.


Being a sister owned and operated business, we will shatter misconceptions of bias and other fallacies by showing the world that women of color are the pioneers and visionaries of this changing world, as Flé Soléy spreads the shine starting with you.


Here at Flé Soléy, we pride ourselves in making only the highest quality skincare products and being the perfect amalgamation of nature and luxury. Our exquisite vegan face serums and our extraordinary, softening lip oils (a vegan and non-vegan option) will leave your face with an illuminating shine.


All items are artisanal, and we are proud to take the time to make each item by hand with care, patience, and a keen attention to detail; all of our products consist of custom, curated, proprietary blends of over a dozen of the richest oils and finest essential oils available as well as culinary grade botanical ingredients that you can see. All ingredients are either organic or wildcrafted to ensure the utmost quality.


All of our oils are non-comedogenic. Our oil blends are also enriched with fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants to maintain the integrity and radiance of your skin so that it shines naturally.  


Free of harmful chemicals, GMOs, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.