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Our Products

What gives our products the unique Flè Solèy touch?


  • Handcrafted: We take the time to make each of our products by hand. We create our custom, curated oil blends and mix them by hand. We then carefully select each botanical for quality, discarding any with impurities, taking care to select the most vibrant flowers and herbs. Finally, we delicately place each botanical into our bottles that we label by hand, and place into our custom-made boxes that we pack and ship ourselves.
  • Organic: Our ingredients are either certified organic or come from farms and gardens where absolutely no artificial and harmful chemicals, pesticides, or additives taint the integrity of the botanicals or oils.
  • Wildcrafted: These botanicals are harvested from their natural, wild habitats. These are uncultivated plants, found naturally throughout the wilderness, and are sustainably collected. These are ingredients that are grown and used as nature intended, to add beauty to the world and to one’s life.
  • Essential Oils: Only the finest, most fragrant oils abstracted from the purest distillation methods are used in our products to provide our unique, captivating aroma and effective potency.
  • Natural Preservatives: Our sources of phenoxyethanol and caprylyl glycol are derived from green tea/chicory and coconuts, respectively, so that they are as natural as possible and maintain the integrity of our products and keep the botanicals fresh. These preservatives also contribute to, and enhance, the antimicrobial effects of some of our ingredients.
  • Sister-Owned and Operated: The face of business needs to reflect the ever changing world we live in by ushering in diversity. Women of color are changing the entrepreneurial world, and we are proud to be part of that revolution.
  • Culture: This is a Black, Haitian-owned business. The immense pride we take in our roots is reflected in the elegance of our Kreyol language woven into the names of each of our signature items.


What we don’t have in our products: 

NO sulfates. NO phthalates.  NO GMO. NO artificial fragrance. NO synthetic ingredients. NO fillers. NO harmful additives. NO parabens, NO silicones. NO harsh metals or pigments.  And hopefully, NO ingredients that you cannot pronounce.  :)