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Our roots grow from the most fertile soils of Haiti and its dynamic history. Even in the face of the harshest adversities, Haiti’s collective spirit of resilience bore beautiful flowers of revolutionary independence that would shape our world. In late-1700s, the French army, led by Napoleon, was among the strongest in the world and held Haiti captive, reaping its resources and exploiting the people as slaves. The Haitians rose up against their captors and prevailed in 1804, becoming the first country led by people of African descent to gain independence in the Western Hemisphere.



Haiti’s newfound freedom contributed to the United States of America’s expansion as well. After being driven from Haiti, France was forced to sell a substantial plot of land, known as the Louisiana Purchase, to the growing USA. The same electric, transformative energy that flowed through Haitians then, changing the tides of history, flows through us and into our products to change the faces of the beauty, skin, and self-care industries.



From humble roots came bountiful fruit. Our parents were the first in our family to emigrate from Haiti to America in the early 1980s with little more than the clothes on their backs and a passion in their hearts. Their passion burned brightly and was geared toward building a stable foundation for our family to thrive. Our parents gave life to three shining children destined for greatness as a result of their sacrifices, who all ended up in medicine and business.



Our parents pride themselves in holistic, traditional practices, which they learned from their parents who obtained this generational knowledge from their ancestors. We grew up surrounded by all-natural Haitian remedies, often drinking organic teas, cooking with traditional herbs, and using indigenous oils from Haiti that sowed the seeds of the passion that would eventually inspire Flè Solèy.



During these tumultuous times, the COVID-19 outbreak has changed lives across the world. Our family suffered greatly, as well, as the virus claimed the life of one our eldest, kindest, and wisest matriarchs. The tragedy forced us to reevaluate how we wanted to care for the health of others outside a clinical setting and on a broader scale.



Skin is the largest organ of the body, and if the skin is unhealthy it can affect anyone psychologically, emotionally, and eventually physically, depleting one’s overall quality of health and life. We seek to help people of all genders, skin tones, and skin types to shine naturally and achieve their most beautiful, healthy skin with the aid of the best ingredients under the sun.